Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Take your time

Tomorrow the 8th I will be returning the first homework to each class, a worksheet based on a short reading and class discussion.  While most of the papers were very good a few I think suffered from being done in haste.  All the answers were available in the reading, so I urge you to take your time with it and make sure that everything is answered correctly. 

Also, I did not take off for simple misspelling errors or failing to use complete sentences, but I did state that it was needed.  So get in the habit of using complete sentences with your work, it's all part of learning to express yourself in an effective and professional manner.

For the few that have not turned in their work yet, each day costs you points.  Remember you can get the reading, "Preparing to give a speech" and the assignment in the same document on the Speech Class Wiki page.  There is a link to the webpage at the bottom of this blog.

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